Woven & Spun Clients: August’s Birth Story

So, I met Amy & Jim later on in her pregnancy. I loved them right away. Totally excited about natural childbirth, looking to do her second VBAC, and incredibly educated and prepared.
When Amy was 38 weeks it looked like labor may have been starting. I started getting texts in the afternoon and by evening time it sounded like perhaps I should head over to their house. When I got there I could see she was really concentrating on her contractions. They were about 5 minutes apart and she was swaying on the kitchen counter. Her kiddos and mom were there quietly waiting. The kids seemed to sense something was happening and were just watching mom and Jim move around. It was so beautiful to watch Amy and Jim. He just knew what she needed so well, and how she turned to him. They would lock eyes and I could just see the love between them. So cool. Well, contractions seemed to begin to space out, and when Phineas and Ferb begun blasting in the background we decided maybe I should head home and let them get some sleep just in case something happened that night.

The next day they went to see Dr. Fine and found out baby was back breach again. Oy. Fast forward a few weeks and I get a phone call that Dr. Fine feels like the risk of cord prolapse is so high that maybe it would be prudent to break her water at the hospital where baby and mommy could be monitored.

Sunday April 3rd we met at the hospital at 7:30am. Amy and Jim were joking, and happy with Starbucks in hand ready to have a baby. Around 8am Dr. Fine came in to check Amy where he said this was the lowest baby had ever been, and she was dilated to a 3. Yay!!! So, he broke her water and contractions seemed to start pretty quickly. Dr. wanted her to stay in bed for a bit while the water slowly came out. Contractions seemed to be fairly frequent for about and hour. Around 9:30 Dr. Fine came back in and Amy had commented that she felt like the contractions were beginning to slow back down. Dr. Fine went to check her and immediately we knew there was a hitch. “Baby’s transverse.” The look on Amy’s face said it all. He attempted to turn baby and managed to, but at that point when they did the ultrasound they could see baby’s cord was right next to the cervix. Dr. Fine said there was only a 20% chance that when the membranes ruptured the cord would not prolapse, and that he suggested a Cesarean Section. I looked up at her face and I’m fairly certain I had a few tears slip out while she wasn’t looking. I wanted this so bad for her. But, funnily enough we had just been talking and she had told me that the night before she and Jim had been talking and said that they both agreed that the whole purpose for wanting the birth plan they did was for baby. So, if it became for any other reason they needed to take a step back and reconsider. They discussed it a bit, but in the end felt that they had to agree with the doctor. They would rather have the C-Section in a calm manner to prevent any problem rather than an emergency surgery where baby’s life was in jeopardy. As they prepped the room, signed papers, talked with the doctors- I prayed. Prayed for Amy’s safety, for this little unborn baby girl, for Jim who was about to see his baby born, for Maddie who was in the room and I’m sure a little scared. And for me. That I could let go of the birth plan that made me fall in love with this couple, and that I could support, encourage, and relieve them. I got a chance to pray with Amy right before they took her back- an amazing memory I will never forget.

When baby cried for the first time Maddie, Amy’s mom, and I were standing right outside the door. So sweet.

When they wheeled mama and baby out it was astounding. Baby was swaddled up next to mommy. Both looked great. Alert. And happy. We were able to get her latched on right away. She was making her little sounds and would stop every few minutes to look up at Amy. Giving her a look that said, “We did it, Mom.”

Watching that family in the first few moments was incredible. Those parent tried everything under the sun to get baby to come out the way they wanted. But, she had different plans. (Third born- I’m telling you!!) The business of a post-op room surrounded them but all Jim and Amy saw was their beautiful baby August. Welcome to the world little one, and thanks for letting me be a part of your dramatic entrance.

Sarah Green

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