Woven & Spun Clients: Addison’s Birth Story

I met Tiffany and Jesse towards the end of her 2nd trimester. She was very certain that she wanted a completely natural, unmedicated birth. She had been around many pregnant mama’s through her work in massage therapy and had heard some amazing stories (and probably some not so amazing stories) and quickly realized what she desired from her first birth. She used my Hypnobirthing materials, and seemed to really love the way they explained everything, and the relaxation tracks as well.
I was so excited about this birth! I knew it was going to be incredible because mommy was so sure, and daddy was so supportive!
I got the call at 4am the day after her due date. She said she’d been contracting most of the night and hadn’t really slept. I knew that she was an under-reactor (if that’s even a word…) and that when I got “the call” from her it’d probably be the real thing! I suggested taking a bath and trying to rest. An hour later my phone rang again… her water had broke and she had lost her plug…
So, I headed up to their house. When we got there she seemed to be managing very well. Was completely relaxed during contractions. Her puppies were very restless. Very uncertain of what was going on and if I was the one doing it to her.
She and I ended up taking a walk to her parents house (about 30 minutes each way) which increased her contractions a bit. But, it was incredibly hot outside, and I was worried about her getting dehydrated. We headed back and just continued to labor at home. She and Jesse managed to take a nap around mid-afternoon, and at one point when things just weren’t getting any stronger/closer she jumped on the elliptical. Let me just tell you- that was a first. So, Tiffany’s talking on the phone to her somewhat frantic nurse (frantic because she’s telling the nurse her waters been broken since 4:30 am and its now 4:30pm…) rolling her eyes, while madly doing the elliptical. J Really wish I would have gotten a picture of that!
She was having some swelling, and so her mother was keeping an eye on her blood pressure and when it began to rise the decision was made to head into the hospital.
Once we got there she hadn’t progressed a ton, but because her water had broken they wanted to admit her.
We labored through the night. She seemed to love leaning on the bed, being on the birth ball, and eventually being in the tub. As things continued to progress she kept her cool. Never once said, “I cant do this” or even hinted at defeat. When it got more intense she just turned more to Jesse. This was my favorite part. He was such a birth partner. Constantly by her side, offering water, chap stick, kisses… it was so awesome to see a daddy so certain of his wife’s capabilities.
The other incredibly part of this was Tiffany’s mom. She was there the entire time. Just sitting reading her book. Offering encouragement at the perfect time. What an amazing asset! This grandma is going to be so wonderful!
When her midwife came in and checked her she realized we were pretty close. Her photographer arrived, and so did her sister-in-law.
As the pushing became evident I saw unfold one of the most beautiful births I’ll probably ever be a part of. Her midwife sat on the rocking chair and let Tiffany do her thing. She would offer suggestions, and would only touch her to do perinea massage. Everyone in that room knew that Tiffany knew what she was doing and completely trusted her to get baby out.
As her little head began to crown the midwife encouraged Tiffany to take baby and pull her out. There were tears all over as Tiffany saw the reward for her hours- no, months- of hard work.
Baby Addison, you are so blessed. You have a mama that knows her own strength, and because of that she’ll teach you how to find yours J Your father is one of the strongest most supportive dads I’ve ever seen and Grandma and Auntie will be forever bonded to you because they took part in your incredible birth.
Congrats Hemphill Family!!

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