The Koons March 2011


“We feel very lucky to have had the benefit of having Sarah Green as our birth
doula. We waited until towards the end of our pregnancy to find a doula, and
after a quick interview with Sarah, we felt like she would be a great fit for
us.  She was enthusiastic, informative and candid.  Sarah answered all of our
questions knowledgeably and when there were questions she couldn’t answer, she
quickly found great resources for us.  She also had a great lending library and
kept us updated with informative emails and blog posts.  We had some challenges
come up the last few weeks of our pregnancy, with a baby who wanted to keep
turning all the way until the end.  Sarah was so supportive in those last
weeks,  helping us find resources for turning babies and giving positive support
to us  as we struggled to keep our pregnancy as free from interventions as
possible.   We ended up having an unplanned and quick cesearan, and Sarah was
right there,  offering positive affirmations and prayers. Her calm personality
and great sense  of humor were valuable assets, even in a tense birth situation.
Although our  birth ended up quite different than expected, it was so great
having that extra  support for both my husband and I.  Sarah followed up with a
prompt and thorough  postpartum appointment as well.  If we are blessed with
another pregnancy, we  would definitely call Sarah first to be on our birth team
-The Koons March 2011

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