My Thankfuls

Apparently I missed the memo of being thankful for something each day on Facebook :) So this is my attempt to jam it all into one.

I know I’ve said it so many times, but I really feel so blessed by this “job”. It just sort of fell in my lap- the way things tend to do when they’re meant to be. I’ve been given so many incredible clients. I mean, seriously. They’re just the right people for me. And somehow, because God is amazing, I’m just the right person for them.

I’m thankful for that handful of first clients. Who despite my lack of experience, trusted me with a big task.

Thankful for the families who hired me at 8 weeks and I was blessed to spend their entire pregnancy with them. And for those who hired me days, sometimes hours, before their births. That took an immense amount of faith and I was honored.

Thankful for the women that have brought me into their losses. I hope my words were balm to your soul, and that you too have the opportunity to be that for another woman. It’s healing.

I’m thankful for the men. The fathers who let me come into their space. Who trusted me when I promised I would not take their place. You made me see what my own births must have been like for my husband. I know that watching your women labor is excruciating and inspiring at the same time. And that it’s your whole world right there, changing. You continue to amaze me.

Thankful for the fast babies. The ones threatened to have their (incredibly unknowledgable) doula catch them and not a licensed professional :) And the slow bambinos. The ones who took days. Who took much prayer, and patience and strength. You made your parents stronger.

Thankful for the amazing Nurses, Doctors & Midwives I’ve been privileged to work beside. For the ones who trusted the mama and her instincts and desires. For the ones who’ve taught me as they worked. For the staff that has turned to me and asked what I think. You’ve made me feel valuable and respected and welcome.

Thankful for the women. You’re just so strong. Even stronger than you think. Thankful for the moms that have repeated, “I can”, to me. For the women who have held onto their wishes and for the ones who have made a “new plan”. I’m at a loss for words. The look in your eyes a few minutes after the birth- when you’ve had a moment to catch your breath- that look that you give me, or dad, or no one in particular. That is why I do this. Its as though I’ve seen the change in that one moment.

For my own family. For my children and husband who support me in my support of others. I know there’s times I come home spent, and heartbroken and you have to tread lightly and give me extra love. And there’s times I come home elated, on cloud 9. And you have to be ready for both even though you don’t truly understand. I know its a sacrifice for you. Thank you for that gift.

And last, but most, I’m thankful for my God. Who gave me the capacity and desire for this work. Thank you for the opportunities to pray with these families and the chance to speak your name. May my words and actions be honoring to you above all else.

May your Thanksgiving week be filled with little moments of quiet to count your blessings.

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for! Please share…

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