Megan Anderies

“When I found out that I was pregnant at 17, I felt alone and scared. When my mom had mentioned the idea of a doula, I was unsure. I met Sarah Green at my home during my fourth month of pregnancy. My first impression was that she was very laid-back and had an amazing personality. Sarah did not judge me for being an unwed teenage mother and instead she embraced her challenge. She supported me throughout my pregnancy. The day I was induced I spoke to Sarah on the phone and she just had a way of calming me. I had lost much of my self-confidence and Sarah gave me many affirmations that made me believe I could do this. While in labor, Sarah was more than someone to help me thru the contractions. She was a support system for my parents. I felt that Sarah was protecting me and I trusted her to help me. If it weren’t for Sarah I would have never delivered Chloe without pain medication. She is truly amazing! During complications after delivery, Sarah kept me focused and calm. I had an amazing experience and felt very empowered after my delivery and I owe that all to Sarah. She has become a part of my family and I am so thankful that I was able to have her by my side.” -Megan 11/12



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