I’ve got a new name. OK, well its actually the name I was born with, so technically…

Whatever :)

If you know me at all you know I thrive on change. I rearrange my furniture on a weekly basis. I need drastic change and mild chaos to feel content and peaceful. So re-branding my business and changing the name almost seems a forgone conclusion to me. To everyone else this may seem strange, (and it is) but removing Woven & Spun and simply using my name is something I’ve been turning over in my mind for awhile now and with some wise counsel decided to go ahead and bite the bullet!

I found an incredible designer, Amy Cox, who “got” what I was talking about and patiently went through draft after tedious draft until at last I said, “This is IT!” She’s a saint.

My always dependable, tolerant and mildly birthy-stuff-phobic web designer, Jamie Fritz, (“Sarah, some of these pictures are borderline soft core.” Love him.) changed everything around for me… again :)

So, this is it! What do you think? I’d love to hear your input! Unless its negative… then not so much. :)




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