Erin’s VBAC Birth Story

Here’s a friends amazing birth story! Such an inspiration to women considering Vaginal Births after Cesarean Sections!

Tatem’s Birth

i have been wanting to get tatem’s birth story down in writing before the details become too foggy.  amazing how there is no downtime these days! 

for those of you who didn’t know, my birth story with wesley went as planned (natural labor/birth) until after pushing for several hours, he made no progress and was delivered via c-section.  so this pregnancy has been spent thinking a lot about whether or not i wanted to try for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) or schedule a repeat c-section.  i had good reasons for both, but due to the support of a wonderful mid-wife, andy, and some family and friends, i decided to go for the vbac and see what happened… (and i’m SO glad i did!)

last tuesday evening (1/25/10), after a fun afternoon with wes, my water broke right when andy got home from work.  i was really surprised b/c i still had a week until my due date and was not feeling like this baby would be here anytime soon.  we called my sister to come be with wes while we leisurely packed our hospital bag, played with wes, ate a little bit of dinner and mostly just looked at e/o a million times like “ok, here we go!” 

we got to the hospital around 8 and got checked in – contractions were getting more intense but not very close together.  we spent a few hours walking the halls and i could not believe we were doing that b/c labor with wes came on so suddenly, i pictured this labor being a really fast one!  Photobucket

at about 3 a.m. my midwife checked me (i was 5 cm and 90% effaced) and did a few other natural things to get labor moving faster.  i was READY and the waiting was really hard for me.  the contractions started to come on stronger and i started to get more focussed. 

by 6 a.m. i was quiet and concentrating through each contraction, and by 7 i was unable to get through a contraction without counter-pressure on my lower back.  i could tell the baby was moving down and i knew i was fully dilated.  at this point, the midwives and nurses switched shifts so i got a fresh new team.  the midwife was AWESOME and my nurse had actually just a vbac in the past year so the energy was just what i needed to get mentally prepared to do the most important (physical) work i had ever done. 

after i was checked (and i was right: 10 cm and fully effaced and feeling the major urge to push!) my midwife could tell that the baby’s position was not as bad as wesley’s was, but she wasn’t in an ideal position.  for that reason, they got the squat bar out and i followed my contractions, letting my body instruct me in what needed to be done.  the coaching during pushing was awesome from andy, midwife and nurse. 

i have never worked this hard before!  it was a beautiful labor of love and i was happy that it lasted no more than 30 minutes this time :)  tatem june was born on 1/26/10 at 8:17 a.m. (7 lbs 6 oz) and it was the most surreal moment of mine and andy’s lives.  we both couldn’t believe it.  here she was!  on my chest!  we had done it!  Photobucket

the next two hours were total bliss.  holding tatem, recounting the details from the past few hours and enjoying being totally lucid after labor.  so much thought, prayer and preparation had gone into this moment and i am grateful beyond words to have been able to experience it. 

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