For the Dads

In almost every Client Testimonial you will read about how initially the dads were skeptical. My own husband was very resistant the first time I suggested a doula (read my birth stories here) But by the end of that birth he was the biggest advocate I’ve ever met. I sat down with my husband and asked him how to explain to other dads what a Doula does. He simply replied, “A Doulas like a coach and the Dad is like the quarterback.” …I sat and waited for the punch line or explanation, but he assured me that this made sense, and guys would get it. So far- he’s been right.

Sarah I have no words to say to express my thanks. You are incredible and our family so appreciates everything you have done for us.Your passion and knowledge for what you do helped us get through one of the most intense experiences of our lives…I don’t think we could have done it without you.¬†Thank you! -Matt Chapman
Dad’s are…
Dad’s are one of my favorite parts. Seeing the look on his face the first time he sees the baby is such an honor and it will never stop bringing me to tears. Watching these men be so strong despite exhaustion, uncertainty, and fear. Birth is just the first day of parenting. Mom gets a lot of attention that day, but it’s just as life changing for dads, and many times they benefit just as much from the presence of a Doula.

How I can support Dad:

  • Knowledgebale support. It’s very reassuring to have someone in the room that can try to translate the scenario.
  • Relief. Whether that means taking over while you go get coffee, rubbing her back to give you a break, going to get you food, or making up a bed for you to nap in. I’m here to help.
  • Cheat Sheet. Giving you hints and nudges as to what she may want or need, but letting you get all the
  • Taking pictures. I’m no photographer, but I’ll take pictures like crazy if thats what you guys want. Freeing you up to enjoy the moment with your new family.
  • Knowing when to step out. Sometimes the best thing a doula can do is leave… for a bit. Giving you guys a moment to yourselves.

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