Will’s Birth Story

  I love that I’m writing this as my as-of-today, 6 year old Big Boy is sitting next to me. It all started with a little queasiness. My oldest was a mere 4 months old and I had just been … Continue reading

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Essential Oils

I’ve been using Essential Oils to help support my clients for awhile now. It’s amazing to me the difference it’s made! Here’s the guide (taken from Modern Essentials) I generally use… I always order my oils (from doTerra) by the 25th of each … Continue reading

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Accupressure for Nausea & Vomiting during Labor

Point Location: This point is three of the women’s finger widths above the transverse crease of the inner wrist. It lies directly between the two tendons felt here. (The tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis). Acupressure Technique This … Continue reading

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