Birth Doula Services

My Clients Receive…

Before Baby’s Born:

  • Free, No-Obligation Meet & Greet- where we can sit down and talk about your birth desires, my services, any questions you or your partner may have. It’s a great chance to see if you feel like I’m going to be the right presence at your birth.
  • One Prenatal Visit in your home where we discuss your history, go over your birth plans, discuss options, talk about breastfeeding, labor etc.
  • Unlimited phone, email, text & Skype support
  • Access to my¬†Lending Library
  • Educational information, resources & referrals that are reserved for my clients only. Plus, lots of handouts, website links, and interesting articles that pertain to your particular situation.
  • On call availability from your 38th week until baby is born.
Providing Doula Services

During Labor:

  • Phone support in helping you identify early labor.
  • Early labor support at home, help knowing when it’s time to go to the birth place.
  • Help with positioning and moving.
  • Suggestions on how to help labor progress.
  • Pain management through breathing, relaxation, massage, voice, water etc.
  • Constant physical and emotional support.
  • Support and relief for your partner(s).
  • Help with following your birth plan and desires
  • Helping you in expressing your desires and needs to your caretakers.
  • Providing contact with other family members if desired.
  • Photography (if requested)

After Baby’s Born:

  • Assistance following your postpartum wishes.
  • Help with establishing initial breastfeeding and tips for getting baby latched on correctly.
  • Support getting settled after birth.
  • Optional postpartum visit within two weeks of birth.
  • Referrals, if needed.

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