Birth Affirmations

Favortie for birth, running & life… As in, “My back hurts, but it doesn’t matter.” “I’m tired, but it doesn’t matter” “This kid is kicking the crap out of my internal organs and I can’t go 10 minutes without peeing, but IT DOESN’T MATTER!”

As most of my clients know- I’m big on the birth affirmations. They worked for me. So much so, that when I ran my first marathon in October 2011 I used the same idea and had running affirmations written on index cards taped all over my house. (I’m on mile 21 and it’s dark and I’m hungry, but it doesnt matter! :))
I think pregnant women are so bombarded with negative stories, ideas, videos, and thoughts that its important to counteract that and make sure we’re convincing ourselves that its natural, normal and most importantly FUN :)
Here’s some birth affirmations I found on Mama Birth (
and thought I’d share…

My body has the divine ability to grow a perfect child within it.
Without conscious thought it builds an amazing organ, the placenta, to help grow and feed my baby.
My body and my baby tell me what healthy foods they need to function and grow.
I listen to their promptings.
As my baby grows my body changes.
I embrace the roundness,the curves, the fertility that shows the power within.
I welcome the softness of my breasts and abdomen and legs because it shows how perfectly I am preparing to grow and feed this baby.
I take time to slow down, rest, and care for my baby and my body without guilt, knowing that it is for the best.
As I get closer to the time of birth I enjoy the last few weeks and days with the baby inside me.
I love her close presence, her constant reminders she is there and her growth.
As I get heavier I look forward to the moment of birth, recognizing that my body gets less comfortable so that I will embrace what I once feared: labor.
I wait for the baby to grow until it is ready to meet me.
I know that this baby will come when it is ready.
I love being able to give my baby time to grow to her full potential.
I trust her time table.
As labor begins I embrace the next step on my journey to motherhood.
I am not afraid.
I am powerful.
I hear nothing else but my body and my baby as they tell me how to move and dance to make her entry more joyful.
I embrace the sensations.
They are strong, they are work, they are preparing me for motherhood.
I am not afraid.
I am powerful.
I feel my body open to let the baby out.
I feel the baby move down as my body helps her come to our family.
I accept what is overwhelming.
Giving in to my birth makes me more powerful.
I roar my baby out.
What seemed impossible is done.
It is more that perfect.
It is as close as I will get to the divine creative power.
I embrace the slippery, perfect child.
I am a mother.

What are some birth affirmations that worked for you? Did you call on them during labor?

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