Andi & Curtis Garafalo 6/18/2011


From the moment that we hired Sarah, she was always available by phone for any question or concern I had (and I had a lot!). I felt well taken care of way before I ever went into labor.  She did an amazing job helping me feel prepared for the unmedicated birth that I greatly desired by suggesting books and other materials to read.

I went into labor at 7am and throughout the day I was in contact with Sarah every couple of hours until I felt I needed her.  When she arrived, she started helping me with different positions and breathing. I felt very safe and relaxed, completely trusting Sarah’s wisdom.

Once we got to the hospital, she suggested several positions that would be most effective. Whenever I felt like I was losing control of my contractions, she would help me come back by calmly reminding me to make low noises or telling  me to stay in front of them.  She constantly told me I was doing amazing and I  truly believed her. After 27 hours of unmedicated labor, my Dr told me I was  only 3.5 cm dilated.   I had been 2 cm dilated at my last checkup two days  earlier.  We decided an epidural was needed because my contractions were so  close and so intense, I was beyond exhausted.  I felt horrible about this, like  I was a failure. Sarah reassured me that I was not and that by laboring this  long unmedicated was an accomplishment in itself.

My labor ended up lasting 38 hours in total, and Sarah was with me for 26 of those. I know that I would not have been able to go as long as I did unmedicated  or even given birth avoiding a c-section without her. She empowered me  throughout the whole process with her encouragement and positive energy.

My husband was so thankful to have her with us and said he definately wants her to be present at our next birth. I compltely agree.”

-Andi & Curtis Garafalo 6/18/2011

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