Alexis & Shawn Kester 8/18/2011


“My husband was very skeptical and wasn’t even sure what it was. After I explained it to him he was worried that she would be taking his place in the delivery room. I assured him that is not what a doula does, they are support for both the mom and the dad. I told him to meet a few doulas with me and let them explain what they do and we would go from there.

I talked to 3 different doulas including Sarah. I knew I liked her when I met her!  She was friendly, outgoing and most importantly I felt comfortable around her.

We met a couple times before the big day to go over a birth plan and other information she had. She was very knowledgeable and I felt assured knowing she would be able to answer any questions we had at the hospital and would be with us from beginning to end. When the day finally came she was at the hospital within minutes it seemed like from the time my husband called her. At that point  I was feeling pretty bad and was on the verge of giving in and getting an epideral. I kept telling myself to stick it out until Sarah got there and she would help get me through it. My husband was awesome, he was by my side the whole time and comforting me. Sarah was a different kind of help. She knew what massages worked and what breathing techniques worked so she got me threw the pain while my husband was my emotional support. We had some complications I guess you could say during my labor so my husband was emotionally drained himself and was running out to the hall to give the family updates. He felt good  leaving me for a few minutes at a time knowing Sarah was with me.

After everything was said and done my husband said “Thank God for Sarah!” He honestly didn’t know how it would have gone without her and said he is so thankful she was there. So to all those skeptical dads to be on doulas, you really don’t know  all the benefits until you are in it!

I cant say enough good things about Sarah  but that she is AMAZING!!”

- Alexis & Shawn Kester 8/18/2011

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