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My name is Sarah Green, I am married to the handsomest (totally a word), strongest and most inspiring best friend a girl could have. My life is chaotic and joyful- a perfect combination in my opinion. I am runner, coffee drinker, wine lover, Jesus worshiper, and craft-phobe (also a word). I never imagined this job for myself but have found in it a beauty I’d never have otherwise seen. I am passionate about birth and helping women to discover their strength. I’ve had three very different births myself and feel that each one defined me in its own way. It was when I found out I was pregnant with my third and last baby that I knew I wanted to experience childbirth the way I’d seen others experience it- I wanted to some day look back on labor as one of the best days of my life. I discovered Hypnobirthing (hate the name- love the results) and found an amazing Doula, and with the support of her and my fabulous husband, I had a drug-free, pain free wonderful hospital birth. I remember saying to her during early labor, “You have the best job EVER!” And now by God’s amazing grace- I also have the best job ever!

I truly feel that through an empowering labor (which looks different for everyone) a woman can become someone she never knew before. I completed the DONA certification program in 2010 and have attended over 350 families since. I have supported women and their families/partners during Home Births and in Hospitals (Holy Family, Sacred Heart, Deaconess, Valley, Kootenai & Samaratian- Moses Lake) and Birth Centers (Spokane Midwives) with doctors and with midwives, with or without pain medication and other interventions. I also have extensive successful VBAC support experience.

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